Sermon Questions – Mark 9:30-50

By Pastor Brady Wolcott

Greetings Church,

As Jesus moves toward Jerusalem he continues to teach the disciples what true discipleship looks like.

Read Mark 9:30-50

Questions for Small Groups:

To start your group, have everyone share one way they have seen God at work in their life this week.

I. The Idolatry of Power.

1. All of us struggle with an idolatry of power. We want to be in charge and in control. In what ways have you seen the idolatry of power in your own life? In what areas of your life do you fear losing power?

2. The disciples argued about who was the greatest, and tried to prevent others from doing the works of Christ. Where have you seen this same kind of competition, comparison, or cliquishness emerge in your life? At work At home? At church? At school?

3. Re-read verse 42. Jesus warns against causing another Christian to stumble (to lose faith or fall away). Are there any behaviors or attitudes in your life that might cause another to fall away?

4. Re-read Mark 9:42-48. Jesus is saying that we need to take the idolatry of power very seriously. It is better to lose body parts then to let the desire for power destroy your life?  What do you think about this? Do you take your idolatry this seriously?

II. Right Handed Power or Left Handed Power

5. Can you explain the difference between right handed power and left handed power?

-Right handed power: using force to get what I want.

-Left handed power: using influence, love, and grace to change a heart. But left handed power never demands so there are no guarantees that the other person will change.

6. Can you think of an example of God using right handed power? Left handed power? Do you agree that God predominantly uses left handed power?

7. In what ways do you use right handed power to get what you want? In what ways have you used left handed love and grace to try to change someone’s heart?

III. The Power of the Cross

8.  Big Idea: “True power is found in the cross and resurrection which empower me to serve.” Talk about this idea with your group. Do you agree? Disagree? How does the cross and resurrection empower us to serve?

-How does the love and forgiveness of the cross remove my idolatry of power?

-How does the truth of future resurrection into glory remove my idolatry of power?

9. Are you fighting for power and position in your life, or are you fighting for people and peace?

10. Verse 35- Are you serving? Verse 36-37- Are you willing to serve anyone? Verse 41- Are you willing to serve in big ways and small ways? Verse 50- Are you striving for peace?

11. Review the Fighter Verse- 2 Corinthians 12:9. But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

- Do you see weakness as an opportunity for Christ’s power? Do you boast in your weaknesses? What makes this so hard?

-How does our weakness reveal the power of Christ?

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