Sermon Questions – Mark 10:13-16

By Pastor Brady Wolcott


Greetings Church,


Jesus is in Judea moving toward Jerusalem and his ultimate act of sacrifice- the cross. People are bringing children to Jesus to be blessed. His response teaches us much about the Kingdom of God.


Read Mark 10:13-16.


Questions for Small Groups:


To start your group, have everyone share one way they have seen God at work in their life this week.


I. Jesus loves the children.


1. How does Jesus demonstrate his love and concern for children in this passage?

2. How does Jesus’ love for the children demonstrate his love for all oppressed people? How can you individually or as a group help vulnerable children?


II. Bringing Children to Jesus.


3. We listed several ways that a church can “bring children to Jesus.” Which of these stands out to you? Why?

- We must have a deep love for children.


- We must evangelize children.

- We must practice relational discipleship with children.

- We must use the Bible correctly with children- not as moralism but as a redemption story.

- We must teach Christ not just Jesus (ie: teach that the resurrected Jesus is both Lord and Christ- Savior and King, not just a man who went around doing good).


4. We listed several ways that parents can “bring their children to Jesus.” Which of these stands out to you? Why?


- You must teach children to relate to God through worship.

- You must use grace and law correctly (law reveals sin, grace changes hearts).

- You must guide their heart through a relationship of love and freedom.

- You must model a life of holiness.

- You must impute identity (like God does in Christ).

- You must constantly “preach” the gospel to yourself and your children.


III. Being Child-Like.


Read the Fighter Verse-


Mark 10:15. “Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.”


5. Jesus says that those who receive the Kingdom receive it as a child. Why does Jesus say that the Kingdom must be “received?”


6. When Jesus says we must be like a child to receive the Kingdom he does not mean innocent (otherwise none could receive it). He means dependent, needy and humble. Why are these character traits necessary for receiving Christ and his kingdom?


7. How does this story of children coming to Jesus for blessing model the Father and the way he receives us? Blesses us?


8. How did Jesus’ own life demonstrate child-like dependence- specifically his journey to the cross?


9. We talked in the sermon about child-like wonder being part of how we receive the Kingdom. Have you lost your sense of wonder? Your gratitude and faith? Do you see life as just a series of tasks to perform? As boring?


What brings you awe and wonder? Ie: what do you worship?


How can you begin to regain a wonder in the God who is your Father? What steps can you take this week?

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