Preparing for Worship - June 18, 2017

By Pastor Matt Sikes

As we look forward to and prepare for worship this week please feel free to take a look (and listen) to the songs that we will be singing together. They are:

All the Earth

We Will Understand It Better By and By

Hear the Call of the Kingdom

In Christ Alone (with the Solid Rock)

Grace Greater Than Our Sin

Pastor Mark will continue to preach on our series called “Reconciled.” His text is Galatians 2:11-16 and the title of his sermon is “The Gospel and Racial Reconciliation.” This will be a very important sermon in light of our current cultural climate and the division that is happening throughout the world. Please pray for him as he prepares and ask that God would work through him to proclaim clearly and faithfully from the Word of God. As usual, we ask that you would take the time to read through the passage and pray as you prepare.

See you Sunday!