Ideas for Loving Your Neighbors this Summer

By Pastor Brady Wolcott

Jesus has told us to love our neighbors. In fact, he said that loving our neighbor is equal to loving God. What would happen if we all took this commandment seriously and intentionally loved where we live? Having trouble getting started?

Here are some ideas to help.

Go Over and Introduce Yourself

Let them know you're trying to get to know everyone in the neighborhood better. Knowing your neighbors by name is the first step in building that relationship for long-term love. We want to be known as people willing to enter other people's worlds so the light of Christ can be shown.

Be Outside with Intention

Taking a walk or being in our front yard makes us accessible to our neighbors. Encourage your children to play in the front yard or driveway. Sit on your front porch and wave to neighbors. Ask God to allow time for conversations.

Organize a Social Event

Organize a BBQ or Backyard Kids Movie Night for a certain number of surrounding neighbors as an offer for all the neighbors to meet each other. Deliver an invitation door to door and introduce yourself.

Host a Free Yard Sale

Everyone likes free things right? Why not let your neighbors know that you are hosting a free yard sale and invite them to bring items over to swap or give away?

Throw a Block Party

Throwing a block party for your neighbors is a great way for everyone to get to know each other. The Art of Neighboring website has a great Neighborhood Block Party Kit.

You can access it at > Resources > Block Party Kit

Borrow Something

Asking your neighbor to borrow a tool or the proverbial "cup of sugar" can make you vulnerable to your neighbor and open the door to a new relationship.

Drop Off a Meal

Cook your neighbor a freezer meal so on a rough day when they don't have time they have something to eat when they get home. Or drop off a plate of cookies or baked goods.

Give a Gift

Drop off a small gift or gift card to one of your neighbors. It can be a great way to encourage and get to know them.

Offer Child Care

If your neighbor has kids, offer to watch them for the morning or afternoon to give them some time to go on a quick date or do things around the house.

Help with Yard Work

Offer to help with yard work on a Saturday. Maybe you can even mow your neighbors grass for them.

Be Invitational

Invite your neighbor to an event in the community, a church event, or worship service. Most Americans have said that if they were personally invited to church they would go.

Volunteer in Your City

Use the summer to reach out to find places in the city that need help. Volunteer work may not be needed until the Fall, Winter, or Spring, so the Summer is a great time to gather info and plan for the future. Local Boys and Girls Clubs are always in need of coaches. Coaching can allow you to love on kids and families in our city, share your faith, and build some long-term relationships.

Love Where You Live - Picnic and Testimonies
Sunday, August 19 at 5:00pm I Jireh Place

Join us for a time of sharing what God has done in our neighborhoods through "Love Where You Live." Come ready to share ideas, blessings, and lessons learned from this Summer's "Love Where You Live" campaign. Let's celebrate what God is doing in our communities together!