God Has a Plan

By Pastor Mark Tanious

I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel. Genesis 3:15

One of the most amazing truths that our fighter verse teaches us is this: God always has a plan. This is so comforting because sometimes our sin can often make us feel like we have totally ruined God’s plan. There have been times in my life where I have felt so defeated that I wondered if God could still use me to accomplish his will. But, the more I meditate on Genesis 3:15, the more I am in awe of God’s unstoppable plan.

Sin really messed up Adam and Eve’s beautiful life together. They would no longer enjoy the Garden of Eden. Their relationship with God would change. And their sin brought death into the world. I don’t want to minimize that sin has serious consequences.

But, think about this—when Adam and Eve were at their worst, God already had a plan to rescue all of humanity through one of their children. Are you kidding me? God knew that they would reject his invitation to enjoy Eden and the tree of life. God knew that they would give in to the deceit of Satan. God knew that the ultimate plan would include a child of Eve crushing sin and Satan once and for all. And God knew that child would be his own Son who would have to die in order to accomplish all this. God always has a plan.

My guess is that for many who are reading this today, your life is not going as planned. Maybe the effects of living in a broken world has so broken you that you wonder if God is through with you. Listen, Genesis 3:15 makes it clear that no matter how far we have fallen, God always has a plan. There is no way for us to ruin God’s plan for our lives. It might seem like God may have to pull out his Plan B. But, the truth is—God has no Plan B. The incarnation and death of Jesus was always God’s plan. Even way back in Genesis.

Christian, God’s plan for your life may not look like your plan for your life. It rarely does. And yet, Scripture is full of examples where it seemed like all hope was lost and then God comes through. If God always has a plan, you know what that does for us? It gives us an unwavering hope.

Hope that no matter how painful life gets, God is working out his plan for our lives. And that plan is for our good and not for our harm (Romans 8:28). Because not only did God plan for the birth and death of Jesus, he also planned for his resurrection. And through faith in Jesus Christ, we are united to him in his death and resurrection. Resurrection means there is always hope. It means God has a plan that death cannot thwart. It means God has a plan that will ultimately restore all of creation (Revelation 21:5). It means that no matter what you encounter today, God already knew about it before time began. And he already has a plan.