• For the New Covenant Christian to live by faith is to live from your new heart. Learning to trust it. To trust the life of Jesus inside of you. His love for you. His ever present grace. These things change you. And you must learn to trust this change.

  • The heart is not just the emotional seat of man. In the Bible, the heart is the very life center. Every part of your soul (intellect, emotion, and will) flow from your heart. “Above all else guard your heart, for out of it are the issues of life” Proverbs says. Jesus tells us in Mark 7 that the unregenerate heart is the source of all evil in our lives.

  • Christianity is fundamentally different from every other religion. One of those differences is where we get the power to live out our faith. Other religions lay out a pathway or framework for knowing God and being accepted by him. But, the responsibility is on those people to find a way to follow that pathway with the hopes of doing enough to be accepted by God.

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