• Marriage is a good gift given to us by a good God. He designed what it should look like and causes the union between a man and woman. God is the architect, engineer, and builder of marriage.  That’s why Jesus and Paul both refer back to the creation account to justify how we should view marriage today.

  • Jesus is continuing to teach on discipleship- what is a true disciple? He is tested by the Pharisees with questions about divorce and he teaches us the true nature of marriage.

  • The movie Glory depicts the African American soldiers risking everything to fight for their country and gloriously charge up a hill to their deaths for freedom’s sake. Gladiators died for the glory of the empire and it’s Caesar. A police officer may die in the line of duty protecting a neighborhood or community. These are all forms of sacrificial death. They all bring honor to the fallen. But these are not like the death of Christ.

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