• This year, our church has been focusing on the theme: Bold. Jesus calls us to be bold witnesses for him (Matthew 28:18-19), he calls us to pray bold prayers (Mark 11:23-25), and he calls us to live bold lives (Matthew 5:13-16). The goal of living boldly is so that other people will embrace Jesus Christ as Savior and King.

  • This statement by Jesus is so counter cultural, so revolutionary, so paradoxical that most likely we read something like this and don’t even realize what we just read. To be part of God’s forever kingdom and dominion you must receive it like a child.

  • In a recent sermon on Mark 10:13-16 we talked about bringing children to Jesus. Parents brought their children to be touched and blessed by Jesus. But how do we bring our children to Jesus? How do we guide their hearts to the Christ?

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