• In a recent sermon on Mark 10:13-16 we talked about bringing children to Jesus. Parents brought their children to be touched and blessed by Jesus. But how do we bring our children to Jesus? How do we guide their hearts to the Christ?We must use law and grace correctly.

  • When you look at the life of Jesus, it is abundantly clear that he lived to serve others. He often sacrificed his own needs (rest, food, comfort, safety) to meet the needs of others. The question we must wrestle with is why did he do that? What would motivate him to put the needs of others above his own? I believe the answer is love.

  • Jesus is moving closer to Jerusalem and will soon enter into what we call Passion Week. In Mark 10:32-52, Jesus will give his most detailed description of his passion yet, he will once again teach us what true greatness is, and he will perform the last healing miracle in Mark’s gospel- healing blind Bartimaeus.

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