• As we wrap up our summer series on Wisdom, we want to understand what it means to be a spiritual friend.

    To start your group, have everyone share something that God is doing in your life this past week.

  • This Sunday at Grace is “Small Group Sunday.” We will focus on the importance of community and spiritual friendship. We will take a look at what the Wisdom of Proverbs has to say about spiritual friendship and we will also connect it to our lives as New Covenant believers.

  • As kids, many of us were big dreamers. When an adult would ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up, I would give a different answer each week. “I want to be a policeman.” “I think I now I want to be an astronaut and go to the moon.” “I want to become the next president of the Unites States.” “I want to be a doctor and save hundreds of lives.”

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