9 Things You Should Know About the Men’s Kick Off Event this Saturday


The Men of Grace Kick Off event is this Saturday. Here are 9 things you should know:

1. All men are welcome.

This event is for all men young and old from Grace and visitors are welcome. Bring a friend, neighbor, cousin, uncle, son, or father. Shout it from the mountain tops. It is a casual event that everyone will enjoy.

2. It will be held at Jireh Place.

Jehovah Jireh means God will provide. God has given us Jireh Place as an amazing location for holding all kinds of events, bible studies, and ministries. If nothing else, coming to events at Jireh gives you an opportunity to remember God’s faithfulness to us his people.

3. The event starts at 10 am.

There has been confusion over the start time due to a certain pastor who forgot to tell a church secretary about the time change. The church website had said 6pm start time, but that is incorrect. 10 am is the official start time. All those involved in this oversight have been properly dealt with. The event will last 2 hours. Don’t miss it. Set your alarm.

4. “A Place To Walk To” will provide food for purchase.

“A Place To Walk To” is a food truck owned and operated by a former student of Pastor Brady’s. Chef Shawn will be cooking up some amazing brunch dishes: Chicken and Waffles, nachos, jerk wings and more. It’s all delicious. Bring your wallet. Unlike some events, at this one you’ll need to purchase your food and you are free to treat a friend too (or a pastor haha).

5. This event fits into the church’s overall discipleship strategy.

At Grace we talk about “moving people to the right. We want to see men engaged, then evangelized, then established, then equipped. This event will engage men with food and games, but also give them opportunities to get established in the church and find a place where they can serve.

6. Ministry leaders will be there.

We have invited several different ministry leaders from Grace to hang out with us. This event will give you a chance to have a casual conversation about the ministries of Grace over a game of ping pong or corn hole. Are you serving at Grace? Should you be? Come find out how you can this Saturday morning.

7. You can earn discounts at the food truck.

By simply talking to a few ministry leaders at the event, you can earn $5 off your meal at the food truck. Have a conversation, get your card stamped. Collect three stamps and get $5 off. It’s so simple. You can’t beat it.

8. Men of Grace is hosting the event.

Men of Grace is not a separate ministry that you should join. If you are a man who attends Grace then you are a “Men of Grace.” Men of Grace exists to help move men to the right (see above). We want to see men engaged, evangelized, established, and equipped to lead and serve.

9. You are loved by Grace Baptist Church.

At Grace Baptist Church we have a heart for men and seeing them grow into the godly servant leaders that Christ has empowered us to be by his resurrected life. Our prayer is that this event will help you to feel loved, rested, and empowered to be a servant leader in Christ’s Kingdom.